Speech science

Collection of fun teaching resources for anatomy and physiology of speech

Over the last year, I’ve been slowly amassing links, tweets, ideas, and resources to make teaching Anatomy & Physiology of the Speech Mechanism more fun and interactive for my undergrads. In an attempt to make my now-totally-remote course more interactive, I’m returning to many of these in an effort to catalog what I like about them and think about if and how I’ll incorporate each into my materials this fall. This is both meant to be an annotated reminder to myself as well as hopefully a useful list of resources to someone who happens across this post.

Measuring speech intelligibility using Praat: Part I

In a nutshell This is Part 1 of a series of posts on writing a set of scripts to administer perceptual rating scale listening tasks using Praat software. I wrote a little script that runs a computerized visual analog scale (VAS) through Praat. It was designed to be used for administering speech intelligibility tasks in our lab, whereby participants hear an audio clip of somebody speaking, and must rate how intelligible (i.