Ongoing curated list of useful resources for writing articles/theses in RMarkdown

Dissertating with rmarkdown and bookdown: A tutorial

Tutorial for a workshop I gave for our R-Ladies #LdnOnt group, focused on learning to use rmarkdown and bookdown R packages to write your dissertation.

Producing annotated bibliographies with Mendeley (and a little bit of LaTeX)

I’ve whittled away quite a bit of time trying to optimize my workflow for getting started on new research projects. Finding a good reference manager is a big, big part of that optimization. Many, many of my colleagues use Mendeley, which allows you to organize your articles into project subfolders, provide links to the PDFs, cite the papers as you write in Word and Google Docs, and add annotations. After a recent departmental workshop on using Mendeley, a pal and I were discussing that one of the main limitations to any reference manager is generating a project-specific annotated bibliography.