📰 “Speech in Parkinson’s disease: The potential role of amplification devices”

  • See page 10 of the Parkinson Society of Southwestern Ontario newsletter to read a short summary of our clinical study of voice amplification devices in Parkinson’s disease

🎥 Western University 3MT

  • My Western University Three-Minute Thesis presentation on deep brain stimulation and speech in Parkinson’s disease.
  • See the same presentation delivered at the Ontario provincial competition here

📰 “Research fine-tunes Parkinson’s speech impact”

  • Interview for the Western Gazette on our deep brain stimulation research. This interview followed the Three Minute Thesis presentation

📻 “The R-Ladies Piece”

  • Interview (together with Sally Norris) about running R-Ladies #LdnOnt, given for Western University’s GradCast podcast series