Recent Publications

. Structured heterogeneity in Scottish stops over the twentieth century. To appear: Language, 0001.

Preprint Code Dataset

. Examining factors influencing the viability of automatic acoustic analysis of child speech. JSLHR, 2018.


. Deep brain stimulation of the subthalamic nucleus parameter optimization for vowel acoustics and speech intelligibility in Parkinson's disease. JSLHR, 2018.


. Effects of multi-talker noise on the acoustics of voiceless stop consonants in Parkinson's disease. In WISSLR, 2016.


. Automatic forced alignment on child speech: Directions for improvement. In POMA, 2015.


Teaching & Tutorials

As course instructor

University at Buffalo

  • CDS 288: Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech Mechanism (Fall 2019, 2020)
  • CDS 640: Motor Speech Disorders (Fall 2020)

As teaching assistant

Western University

  • COMMSCI 9615: Speech Science (Fall 2016, 2017)
  • COMMSCI 9631: Voice Disorders (Spring 2017)


Presentation Date Group Additional Materials
Academic Writing with RMarkdown and Bookdown January 2020 R-Ladies #LdnOnt Link
Dissertating with RMarkdown and Bookdown April 2019 R-Ladies #LdnOnt Link
Figuring out figures in R October 2018 R-Ladies #LdnOnt Link
Using RMarkdown to generate reports and manuscripts March 2018 R-Ladies #LdnOnt Link
Introduction to Praat Scripting Spring 2014 McGill Linguistics Scripts & tutorial


Code, projects, and media

Research presentations

Recent posters and talks


Read/watch/listen to me describing some of my work.

R-Ladies #LdnOnt

Information about meetups and links to workshop materials.


Trainable algorithm for automatic measurement of voice onset time.

Dissertating with rmarkdown and bookdown: A tutorial

Tutorial for a workshop I gave for our R-Ladies #LdnOnt group, focused on learning to use rmarkdown and bookdown R packages to write your dissertation.

Praat Scripts

A subset of Praat scripts I have written for various purposes.